tepcon invites you to the trade show on 3 July 2022

tepcon invites you to the trade show on 3 July 2022

In Donaueschingen-Aasen, the doors of the surrounding companies will be open on 3 July 2022. At tepcon, visitors can immerse themselves in the exciting world of virtual reality and learn all about digitalisation and telematics. Of course, there will be a colourful programme of entertainment for both young and old.

This year tepcon is looking back on 20 years of history. "20 years ahead of the future" is the motto under which visitors can experience this digital journey.

GPS tracking, telematics and asset tracking?

Sounds complicated, but it's quite simple: with asset tracking and telematics, vehicles, objects and tools can be located and monitored. This way you always know exactly where the goods are. The tepcon telematics experts will show you how this works.

How can you counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the age of digitalisation?
tepcon's answer to this is Digital instructions. With the digitisation software "augmented instructor" digitalisation software, all work processes can be quickly and easily recorded step by step to form easy-to-follow instructions. Whether in production, service and maintenance or for the creation of documentation - the possible applications are manifold. Using it, on the other hand, is child's play and can be implemented quickly for any company.
What will training and education of the future look like? And what does that have to do with VR glasses?

tepcon invites visitors to dive into virtual reality and presents the virtual training centre trainhub. With this training tool, participants can take part in a virtual classroom training from anywhere in the world and learn both interactively and collaboratively in a team. What a beach and a crocodile have to do with it, all curious people will find out after putting on the VR glasses.

From small to large businesses, from craftsmen to international industrial companies - tepcon's cost-efficient telematics and digitalisation solutions are in use everywhere. Perhaps the solution you have been longing for is also available for your company. It is worthwhile to come by and get to know us!

The family is also welcome and will enjoy the colourful children's programme with children's carousel, candyfloss machine, balloon animals and Bobby-Car fleet. Food and drink will also be provided.

Celebrate with us! We look forward to your visit. 

See you soon at tepcon GmbH, Obere Wiesen 9, 78166 Donaueschingen-Aasen on 3 July 2022!


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