Apply for de minimis funding NOW!

It pays to be quick! Apply NOW for the de minimis funding!

Within the framework of the "De-minimis" funding program of the Federal Office for Goods Transport the German Federal Office for Goods Transport supports companies in the road haulage industry with heavy commercial vehicles subject to tolls that implement measures to promote safety and environmental protection. Telematics solutions in the company's own operations are also explicitly eligible for funding.

You would like to apply for the de minimis funding, but do not know how?

The following link will provide you with all the important information on funding:

  • Who is eligible for funding?
  • What is eligible?
  • How much is the promotion?

Take advantage of de minimis funding to get started with telematics.

With our eligible traisy telematics system, your path to digital fleet management is made easier. From vehicle location to optimization of route and deployment planning - we offer you your very own telematics solution, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

You need help with the application? We will support you! Make an appointment with our experts today.


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