traisy has the right telematics solution for your industry

Networking, integration and real-time control of logistics networks

Nowadays, competition is no longer limited to the real world. Companies that manage to use digitalisation for their own benefit and efficiently network their logistics processes have a clear competitive advantage. Because this networking means more transparency, more flexibility, efficiency and ultimately higher productivity.

And it is precisely this networking that we come into play. With traisy, we bring you to the Logistics 4.0 level!

traisy telematics solutions

With our special solutions we cover common requirements of different industries. Find out how existing traisy solutions are already being used within your industry and how you yourself can benefit from traisy. traisy.


With our industry solution for container location, you always keep an eye on your property.

Transport & Logistics

The traisy telematics system helps you to use your resources profitably.


With traisy, you always know what is happening or not happening.

Service & Field Service

With traisy you always know where your employees, vehicles and materials are.

Trailer & Trailer

Where is my trailer? Which tractor unit or driver transported it?

Object location

Which machines, tools or valuable goods are currently in use where.

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