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Container location and long-term object location

For objects such as containers or swap bodies that only change their location from time to time, it often does not make sense to offer tracking solutions that locate in real time. Partially long idle times and the lack of possibility to use the vehicle electronics for energy supply pose special challenges for these solutions. With our solutions for professional container tracking or for long-term tracking of other, large objects, we offer suitable complete systems for every application.

Via BLE, NFC, RFID or barcode

Container location with BLE beacons, NFC / RFID tags or simply via barcodes on the object. The systems not only send the last known position to the system, but also information about the respective vehicle or driver who parked or charged the object at the location in question.

Your containers, swap bodies or machines are transported from A to B by different vehicles?

You always want to know where these objects are located?

In addition, you need, for example, the information about which vehicle had loaded / parked the container at what time?

Long-term locating - simple and inexpensive

Then our solution for the long-term location of objects is just right for you. Here we offer you state-of-the-art systems that reduce maintenance to a minimum and only implement what you really use. This not only saves money, but also maintenance effort and energy and enables long runtimes at an unbeatable price.

You want to know where your swap bodies, containers, machines or your goods are at any time?

1 to 3 cyclic position queries per day and object are sufficient?

Do you need more information vibration, temperature, light incidence ...

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