Simple object location and object tracking

On which construction site is the cable drum at the moment? Is the machine already on its way to the construction site? On which construction sites has the machine been in use in the last few weeks? Is the delivery of goods at the agreed location? These are all are questions that you could answer yourself within seconds in the future.

Your advantage with traisy in object location 

In conjunction with our traisy web portal, flexible functions and application options are available to you, which already cover 100% of many common areas of application in the field of locating and monitoring objects.

Motion detection
Anti-theft protection
Site history
Deadline monitoring
Object location up to
10 yearsN without recharging
Maintenance-free and long-term proven devices
Automated reports and reports
Object supervision for machines, goods, tools, deliveries ...

traisy in action for you and your goods

Geozone monitoring

Our tried and tested, compact and weatherproof long-term locating devices for object location are able, depending on the desired number of signals (hourly / daily / weekly / etc.), to remain in use for years even without their own power supply. for years without their own power supply.

Adaptations and extensions

With our individual real-time dashboards and reporting functions, we adapt the telematics solution to your intended use

Automatic reporting

View daily, weekly or monthly automatically generated reports (standing times, circulation times, inventory lists ...)

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales