Tracking solutions for the
Field service, service and the trade

Efficiency, punctuality and reliability are vital for survival in the foreign trade, craft and service sectors. With our solutions for effective order management, you always know where your employees are and what they are doing, vehicles, tools and materials are currently and what they are doing there.

Your head start with traisy in service

No matter how you want to optimise your logistics and scheduling, traisy gives you all the tools you need. Contact our experts for a no-obligation consultation. Your customers, suppliers and and not least your wallet will thank you in the long term.

Transparency for you
and your customers
Exactly comprehensible work processes
Ability to provide information on the position / status of employees at any time
Status update on PC, tablet or smartphone
Clean logbooks and complete documentation
Fast order transmission
(e.g. to the driver's tablet)
Increased efficiency through constant monitoring
Continuous improvement of the processes
Bi-directional communication - Easy job updates

Your service with the support of traisy

The web-based system requires no installation and is immediately ready for use via any existing internet-capable terminal device. Whether computer, smartphone or tablet - traisy is always ready.

Adaptable and expandable

With our individual real-time dashboards and reporting functions, we adapt the telematics solution to your intended use.

Driver communication

The simplified communication made possible in this way, combined with location and time recording options, make your company more efficient and successful.

Order and route optimisation

For example, our system helps you to optimise tours and work steps and thus not only saves you a lot of money, but also spares your nerves.

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales