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All our traisy telematics solutions converge in the traisy telematics portal. The traisy portal is a comprehensive system that enables convenient connection, management and control of connected devices on the Internet of Things. enables.

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In addition to vehicle and person tracking, the traisy tracking & tracing system also offers you the option of tracking containers, boats, construction vehicles, construction machinery, machines, trains, aircraft and other objects worldwide, monitor and track them.

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Via radio networks, the fixed network, GPS or simply directly via the internet, position or sensor data is sent to a cloud server and analysed there. The knowledge gained in this way can be used to initiate far-reaching process optimisations, save time and costs, and maximise profits. The insights gained in this way can be used to initiate far-reaching process optimisations, save time and costs, maximise profits and, last but not least, launch completely new ideas and business models.

Driving and rest times

A feature that is particularly interesting for haulage companies is the monitoring of driving and rest times. We offer our customers a reliable package consisting of a telematics unit and the appropriate portal module.

Remote Download

The traisy complete package Remote Download supports your dispatchers in their daily work by automatically reading out and electronically archiving the data from the digital driver card and the digital tachograph in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. and archived electronically.

Data management - dig. Tachograph

Together with our partner Tachonova, we offer our users powerful, cross-sector software with which you can optimally manage and evaluate the data read out via traisy from the digital tachographs and driver cards. data via traisy.

Order management

The allocation and targeted processing of orders can be a central part of everyday work in many industries. Knowing where the respective vehicles or employees are located is a good basis for this. Based on this, we offer you our "Order Management" function package within our traisy web portal.

Time recording in real time

The traisy Time Recording module supports you in your daily work by enabling your employees to record working times completely independently of their place of work (mobile).

Reporting and export functions

Every organisation needs its own reports and analysis functions. We therefore offer our users various export formats for downloading reports and analyses. A special feature of reporting within the traisy of the traisy web portal is the automatic generation and dispatch of reports.

Flexible map settings

As the up-to-dateness and accuracy of map material can vary greatly depending on the region, we enable our users to access the optimal map material for them at any time. Within our web portal we offer you the the possibility to switch between different standard maps and views at any time.

Individual adaptations

Within our traisy web portal, we offer predefined GPS solutions that are optimised for different industries. Nevertheless, it is our primary goal to completely satisfy every customer 100 percent. For this reason we offer our customers to customise our traisy platform according to their needs.

Display of IOs

Often the mere localisation of objects is not enough. Rather, the added value of our GPS solutions comes from the fact that we can offer any additional functionality for our customers. One of the most important of these functionalities is the acquisition of sensor data (IOs).

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