Indoor tracking
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Positioning inside buildings

Especially in large buildings or warehouses, the location of objects or containers is difficult. In most cases, GPS reception is not possible and the indoor location of goods is not possible with this technology.
tepcon hat die Lösung hierfür: Durch den Einsatz von Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) kann eine genaue Positionsbestimmung von <10m erreicht werden. Die Objekte können sicher lokalisiert werden und somit wird Material- bzw. Behälterschwund verringert. Außerdem werden transparente Logistikprozesse mit online Feedback und täglichen Statusmeldungen erstellt. Das Ergebnis sind optimierte Umlaufzeiten und geringere Standzeiten.
The tepcon solution for indoor tracking is based on a concept where the costs for setting up a seamless infrastructure are very low. Since most of the devices are self-sufficient hardware, they are equipped with batteries. A battery life of at least 3-5 years is guaranteed.

The operation of indoor tracking

Indoor tracking can be implemented easily, without much effort or costly installations. The functionality can be divided into four steps.

Location registration

Step 1: The building is equipped with BLE beacons. The positions of the beacons are stored in the portal.

Continuous tracking

Step 3: The BLE beacons cyclically transmit your ID which is received by the smartphones and gateways in your vicinity along with their field strength. If the mobile beacons are read in temporal connection with the stationary beacons, these can be located to the stored location with an accuracy of +/- 20 meters.

Object registration

Step 2: The objects to be mobile and monitored are also upgraded with BLE Beacons and linked in the portal.

Locating on the last meter

Step 4: In order to quickly identify the mobile objects on the last meter, the beacons can be controlled with the smartphone and play a visual or acoustic signal.

The advantages of indoor tracking at a glance

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