Monitoring of statutory driving and rest times
for HGVs and professional drivers

A feature of our solution that is not only of interest to haulage and travel companies is the monitoring of statutory driving times and rest periods in trucks, buses or vans. We offer you a complete package that has been tried and tested over many years, consisting of high-quality tracking boxes of our FT series as well as the portal functionality to comply with all regulations of the BAG (Federal Office for Goods Transport). By monitoring the driving time and rest period in real time, you can see not only the current position of all vehicles, but also the current remaining driving time of the respective driver, as well as upcoming rest periods / breaks and are of course (if required) alerted in time.

With traisy you support
your drivers all along the line

Thanks to the reliable transmission, storage and analysis of data such as driving and rest times in the traisy telematics portal, you have an all-round package for smart deployment planning and implementation. With an easy-to-use interface interface, your employees always have everything they need to know about their jobs on the mobile device in the vehicle. The traisy system supports your employees in complying with all legal guidelines. Precise route descriptions guide them safely to their destination.

Your driving and rest time features at a glance

Remaining driving times (daily driving times and weekly driving times) of all drivers can be clearly viewed in the system. This makes it much easier to schedule and plan tours and assign drivers.

Both our hardware and our web portal are meticulously adapted to new standards and the latest legislation. The reliable tracking devices (made in Europe) obtain the necessary data for the calculation of driving times and rest periods via the CAN/FMS interface of the truck/vehicle or the digital tachograph and work extremely reliably.

Our web portal takes into account the current legal regulations of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (FAG) and is available via almost any internet-capable terminal device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

Real-timeORTUNG Aller
Trucks / Vehicles
Live monitoring of statutory driving & rest times
Recording and transmission of digital tachograph data
Storage and processing of driving & rest times
Display remaining driving times By trip, day and week for all drivers
Warning and alarm message for imminent violations 
Automated reports and evaluations as Excel, CSV or PDF export

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales