Mobile time recording for companies

The traisy Time Recording module simplifies time recording within your company and saves you a lot of administrative effort. Whether mobile employees (field staff, service personnel, etc.) or your core workforce within the company building, everything becomes easier with traisy time recording. With our traisy tablet, we turn every vehicle or building into a mobile time recording station.

Time recording in three variants

For registration / identification, it is generally possible for each employee to log on to our tablet contactlessly via an RFID transponder or to simply log on manually via a user account. For mobile employees in combination with GPS tracking devices in the vehicle, it is also possible, for example, to automatically assign working times to locations (projects / customers).

with iButton, RFID or NFC

The employee stamps his working, attendance or service times simply by reading or scanning his transponder.

Smartphone or tablet

The employee stamps his times via a smartphone or tablet together with additional information about the construction site,
activity or notes on the assignment.

on geozone stays

The working hours are automatically recorded by geozone entries at the site or
at the customer's site. 

Your advantages with the mobile traisy time recording

Paired with a locator from the inexpensive ST series, our solution for time recording is thus either available as a supplement to the existing locating solution, or can be ordered as a stand-alone solution.

Time recording in real time and from virtually anywhere
Up-to-date status reports on current orders or efforts at any time
Effective allocation of working hours through real-time location (geozones)
Cost reduction through simplified processes
Reporting functions for the analysis and evaluation of efforts

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales