Your organisation - your format

To ensure that our customers can make optimal internal use of the findings and data obtained from the traisy telematics portal, we offer various export formats for downloading reports and evaluations. and evaluations. Here, traisy works together with various 3rd party applications. Individual export formats can be implemented on request.

Insights into traisy Reporting

Based on the selected hardware, you can, for example, send trips or orders directly to the driver or employee. Our solution also keeps you up to date during the further processing. In this way, you know where the employee is, which order he or she is currently working on and can see the status of the processing.

Your advantages with traisy reporting

A special feature of reporting within the traisy web portal is the automatic generation and dispatch of reports. In this way, you can have certain reports (e.g. logbooks) sent to you on time and uncomplicated directly by e-mail.

Reporting tailored to your requirements
Flexibly expandable
Export formats
Simple integration into
your system landscape
Further processing of data within your organisation

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales