Locating modules for every application

In order to always be able to offer our customers the right GPS hardware, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio. The selection of GPS trackers and tracking devices listed here is only a selection of the devices that we support in our traisy web portal. we support in our traisy web portal and can recommend with a clear conscience. The integration of third-party systems already in use into our telematics system is often just as possible as a completely new purchase of the hardware.

... for passenger cars 

The locating modules come in a compact housing at a low cost and offers reliable and accurate locating.

... for trucks

The devices can do almost everything. They support advanced functions such as the monitoring of driving & rest times or the remote download of driver data.

... for order and time recording

The compact tablets are the most flexible solution for driver communication. They enable all standard functions such as chat, time recording and order management and can also be individually adapted to customer requirements.

... for swap bodies and trailers

The modules are perfect in the area of trailer and trailer tracking. The combination of flexible interfaces and flexible power supply options enable almost any application scenario in this segment.

... for containers, bins and assets

The combination of compact, waterproof housing and integrated motion sensor with runtimes of up to 10 years are ideal for asset tracking.

... for construction vehicles

The modules come in an extra robust housing and are very easy to install thanks to their compact design and flexible mounting options.

... for motorbikes

The small and waterproof combination of the tracking modules makes them perfect for installation in motorbikes.

... for people

With the slim design and functions such as fall alarm, dead man's alarm, the devices are ideally suited for locating people.

Large selection - individual advice

In order to be able to offer our customers the best possible telematics hardware, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio. The products listed here represent only a small selection of the devices that we use and recommend for our traisy telematics solutions and recommend to you.

We are happy to advise you and a little talk costs nothing, but sometimes offers unexpected opportunities.