Locating modules with

  1. CAN interface
  2. Power take-offs
  3. Analogue and digital I/Os

Connection of sensors

Often the mere localisation of objects is not enough. Rather, the added value of our GPS solutions comes from the fact that we can offer any additional functionality for our customers. One of the most important of these functionalities is the collection of sensor data.

Is the spreader on? Is the sign down? What is the temperature inside the shipping container over the period of transport? What is the average axle load of my trucks?

With traisy everything becomes measurable

Together with our customers, we have already been able to read out a wide variety of sensor data and transmit it to the portal. If you also have special wishes regarding the connection and reading of sensor data, please contact us. We have a solution for almost everything.

A system tailored to your needs

Real-time sensor data and sensor data histories

Connection, evaluation and visualisation of sensors

Export and exchange of sensor data with external systems

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