Construction machinery location and telematics for construction vehicles

The larger the construction site, the more construction machines and vehicles have to be coordinated in parallel. Our construction machinery tracking system with extensive telematics functions provides everything you need to work successfully and cost-efficiently. The traisy telematics system shows the activities of the connected construction machines and vehicles (excavators, wheel loaders, construction vehicles, containers, vehicles, trailers, tools & accessories) in every situation.

Your head start in construction with traisy 

Seamless, wireless and always up to date in real time. State-of-the-art sensor technology paired with sophisticated additional functions, such as monitoring of the driver's cab or night-time anti-theft protection (alarm function) for valuable equipment / building materials / materials.

Monitoring and optimisation of operating times
Reduction of idling and standing times
Checking the distance covered / area worked
Avoid unnecessary overtime
Reduction of rental and operating costs
Lower insurance premiums (e.g. in connection with anti-theft functions)
Easy overview of fuel consumption
Verifiability of completed work steps (e.g. by tracking individual vehicles)
Automated reports and reports

traisy on the building site

Example: Real-time localisation

Locating and monitoring construction machinery creates transparency with regard to construction progress and enables you to maintain an overview of your construction site at all times and from anywhere.

Example: Working/operating hours

With traisy, you use your employees and machines in the best possible and most profitable way, no matter from where in the world you want to control and monitor the construction site.

Example: Anti-theft device

Monitoring of the driver's cab or night theft protection (alarm function) for valuable equipment / building materials / materials.

I am happy to be there for you!

Sascha Spitz, Sales

I am happy to be there for you!

Simon Wegner, Sales